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Experience a thrilling journey through time and meet unforgettable characters from Victorian Crystal Palace. Fusing history, mystery and fantasy, The Crystal Palace Chronicles will grip young readers and the young at heart.  


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"A fantastic time travel adventure" - Waterstones


"Graham Whitlock is a wonderful storyteller" - Suzy K Quinn, New York Times Best-seller


"A clever and hilarious adventure into the perilous world of hte past! It's quirky and dark. And so much fun." - Carrie Jones, New York Times Best-seller


In Star of Nimrod, Joe's world is turned upside when he discovers a shattered compass among the brambles where the Crystal Palace once stood and travels back in time to 1888.  


With help from the teenage H. G. Wells, daredevil Iris Blondin, the creator of Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of the Gypsies, Joe must foil dangerous diamond thieves to uncover dark secrets about the 'People's Palace' which stands on boundaries between worlds.


In Palace of Shadows, Joe just wants an easy life hanging out with his Victorian friends when he likes. But his family's past keeps coming back to haunt him. 


In a race against time to save those he loves, can Joe keep his two worlds apart? Does he get to decide his own destiny?


In Palace of Flames, can Joe be the saviour the world needs, while finding the strenght to save himself? 


As time itself begins to unravel, and boundaries between the worlds of mortals and magic rip apart, Joe is faced with his greatest and final challenge.


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